Dear Friends,

Many apologies, again, for my recent absence! Like I said before, I`ve been focusing on my photography and have now established an Etsy and a Folksy shop with prints for sale :) I might try and have a go again at icons tomorrow for you all, here`s hoping! In the meantime, you can find me at the following...

Hope everyone is well.


Hello everyone :)

How are you all. I`m sorry I`ve been a little absent lately in the icon and general graphics area. I`ve been trying to concentrate on my photography for a little while but I promise I will make more icons soon! Some suggestions for my next post would be helpful too :)

Now, I`ve come onto Livejournal today and the main thing I`ve been reading about is this whole Tinypic fiasco. I`ve went through my journal and can still see all the icons etc but if you could let me know if you can still see them that would be a great help, so I know whether I need to find a new host.

I`m selling a few things on ebay at the moment.... books by Brian Froud and a few vintage cameras. If you`re interested then you can find my listings here: thelostandfoundbooks @ ebay
I`ll be putting the cameras up this weekend, but the books are already there.

Have a nice day :)


I have my first book for sale through Photobox.
This book features 15 photographs from the Lucy Kerr photoshoot.

The book is an 8"x8" softcover printed on 170gsm silk coated paper and costs £19.99.
Any profit I make from these will go towards furthering my photography business.
If you would like this for yourself or as a gift for someone, you can view and buy it here.